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How Our Approach is Different

We have been leaders and worked with leaders in many industries—public sector, private sector, and non-profit organizations—and over the years, we discovered a direct correlation between certain leadership behaviors and professional and personal success.

We identified these critical behaviors and developed a model called the M.A.D.E. To Lead Model, which has become a critical tool in helping our clients clarify and step boldly into their leadership identity.

Once you clarify who you need to “be” and what you are committed to “do” to make your desired leadership identity a reality, you can begin to intentionally craft your Personal Leadership vision to match this need. We use the M.A.D.E. To Lead Model in partnership with other leading coaching models and methodologies.

What We Do

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Make A Decision Every Day to Live and Lead Courageously in Life & Business

Coaching Services

Leadership & Executive Coaching

How do you know if M.A.D.E. Leadership & Executive Coaching is right for you? We’ll give you some clues…

Are you a Professional who…

• Is managing people for the first time?
• Needs to master the skill of relationship building?
• Is working through difficult relationships and difficult conversations?
• Wants to discover your leadership voice and identity?
• Is ready for more responsibility?
• Needs to grow your confidence?

We can help.


Are you an Executive who…

• Is trying to balance being a visionary while managing an effective team?
• Desires to increase your ability to lead with a lens toward diversity, equity and inclusiveness?
• Wants to lead from your values while navigating the sometimes muddy waters of office politics?
• Realizes that something in your leadership approach or style must shift for you to be successful?
• Needs to set a compelling vision for your team and inspire them to execute against it?
• Wants to be a talent leader who coaches and develops their people?

We can help.


Are you an Organization that…

• Wants to support staff members?
• Wants to support managers?
• Wants to support team leaders?
• Wants to support their professional growth and leadership journey?

We can help.


Academic Life Coaching

How do you know if M.A.D.E. Academic Life Coaching is right for your students? We’ll give you some clues…

Are you a teacher, school leader, district administrator, or academic advisor who has a vision for the middle school, high school, or college students you serve to…

• Improve personal effectiveness in and out of the classroom?
• Understand their core motivations so they will be inspired to go above and beyond?
• Build leadership skills that will serve them beyond the classroom?
• Address doubts and limiting beliefs and replace them with increased self-awareness and confidence?
• Learn how to set and achieve meaningful goals?
• Develop critical relationship building skills?

We can help.


You can also take this quiz to see if coaching is right for you.

When Working With a M.A.D.E. Coach You Can Expect

• Support you in your journey toward clarity, commitment and conviction around who you want to be and what you want to do
• Help you discover and understand personal gateways and barriers to your Personal Leadership
• Ask powerful questions to help you discover your own answers
• Discover and align your values, mission, and actions

• Create a safe space for risk taking and exploring new behaviors
• Provide the gift of uninterrupted time and space
• Identify and achieve goals that are personally and professionally significant to you
• Determine ways to breakdown your goals into manageable actions
• Design systems of accountability
• Listen without judgment

Make A Decision Every Day to Lead

Would you like to learn more about our coaching or need a speaker for your upcoming event? Or perhaps YOU would like to partner with us on a project or workshop? Please feel free to use our contact form or give us a call at 980-272-8752.