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Corey and Sharma had the unique opportunity to serve as contributors in the collaborative book, Voices of Inspiration: Volume 3. The authors of Voices are a diverse group of 26 individuals representing five countries.

Every chapter is written from the space of possibilities, with some authors sharing real life epiphanies and wisdom from their own personal valley experiences, while others empower you with action-oriented solutions for transforming your life.

Corey and Sharma wrote Chapter 22: You Were M.A.D.E. to Live and Lead Courageously.

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“This Voices of Inspiration will inspire you and uplift you. The amazing point about this book is that it has something for everyone, a voice for every person who picks up the book. I have been called one of the top inspirational speakers in the world, yet I was inspired with each chapter and could not put it down…”

Voices of Inspiration 5 stars book review - 150 ~ Dr. Willie Jolley, Hall of Fame Speaker Host of the #1 Motivational/Inspirational Radio Show on Sirius XM

Corey had the honor of serving as a co-author in the collaborative book, The C.A.L.L.: Inspiring Stories for Young Men About Character, Accountability, Love and Leadership.

This book issues a clarion call to young men to stand up, step up and recognize their inherent greatness. It contains real life stories of coming into an understanding of identity, integrity, values, manhood, wise decision-making, persistence, reflection, course correction, and learning from consequences.

Corey wrote Chapter 11: Breaking the Cycle.

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